3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Start Creating Your Own Blog

Image of a Blogger

Blogging may sound like a business strategy for some of us. And we heard this word, we automatically assumed that he or she is doing some marketing works to introduce or sell his/her product.Continue reading

Effective Tips for Better and Improved Work-Life Balance

Image of a Woman Drinking Coffee

Nowadays, it is truly difficult to maintain a better and improved work-life balance due to our very hectic work schedule.Continue reading

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3 Good Reasons Why You Should Start a Small Business Today

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A regular job may fulfill our needs in life. However, we should all remember that the regular job that we have now is just a temporary source of income.Continue reading

WATCH: The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

Image of a Manager Talking to an Employee

We always hear many people saying that a boss and a leader is totally different from each other. Although we might think that they are dealing with the same roles and responsibilities, but at the deepest core of these two, they are truly different from each other.Continue reading

QUIZ: What Kind Of Leader Are You?

QUIZ: What Kind Of Leader Are You?

One of the most rewarding roles that a person can handle in one’s life is becoming a leader.

However, regardless of how rewarding and satisfying is this role, we still cannot deny the fact that being a leader means you have to take an action in every circumstance that your organization may take in.Continue reading

3 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Image of Happy Employees

Happy employees mean you have productive employees. But how can you keep your employees happy if you are not motivating them?Continue reading

Reasons Why Work from Home is Perfect for Introvert Employees

Working Alone at Home

Work from home has grown so much in popularity because of the convenience and flexibility that it offers to different kinds of employees.Continue reading

Simple Yet Effective Job Interview Tips for Fresh Graduates

Image of an Office

Job hunting is one of the top priorities of some of our new fresh graduates. After all the sacrifices that you have done to pass all your subjects, this is now the perfect time for you to show and apply the skills and knowledge that you have learned in your school.Continue reading

3 Effective Ways to Make a Fun and Friendly Workplace at Home

Image of a Workspace

A fun and friendly workplace at home is very important to be considered most especially if you are working at home. The location of your workspace including its design will really matter because it will also affect your productivity and efficiency.Continue reading

Here’s How You Can Write an Effective and Impressive Resume

Image of a Laptop

Every new job seekers should strive to write an effective and impressive resume because this will make or break your future career.Continue reading

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