4 Flexible Online Jobs for Students with No Experience

Image of a Working Student

Are you a student who is currently looking for a flexible online job? If yes, then you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will help you achieve your desire of becoming a successful working student without any hassle and stress!

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So if you are interested to know what are these flexible online jobs for students with no experience like you, here’s what you can absolutely try to consider:

1. Online Tutor4 Flexible Online Jobs for Students with No Experience

One of the best flexible online jobs that are being offered now to different online websites is online tutoring. If you are a college student, then you can try to consider being an online tutor since most of the tutoring websites are looking for those people who are already in college or someone who is already a diploma holder.

The only skill needed for this job is your knowledge of a specific subject (e.g. Mathematics, English, Science). Also, you need to bring with you tons of patience since most of your students are foreigners who use different language/s.

So if you are a student who is looking for a flexible job, this one is for you since most of the online tutoring jobs will only require you to render 1-3 hours per day.

2. Freelance Writer

Want an easy flexible online job? Then be a freelance writer! If you think that you are good at composing different types of thoughts and information from the internet, then you can be a freelance writer!

This is a flexible online job because you are only required to finish the assigned article/s to you depending on the asked deadline. Some of the writing jobs will ask you to send all the assigned articles to you every Friday. Others might ask you to send your article before the day ends.

So the requirement will depend on your employer and the payment also varies. Some will pay you per article while others will pay you depending on the number of words you have used in your article.

3. Data Entry Worker

If you want to work on simple tasks, the best thing that you can consider is to try data entry works. With this kind of job, you will ask to do a copy and pasting item descriptions or different kinds of information from the spreadsheet to their online website.

Other data entry jobs will ask you to collect different links from a certain niche and put it on a spreadsheet form. Bottom line, data entry will not require you complicated skills. However, the payment is not that impressive when compared to other online jobs.

But if you are very consistent in having a good performance, some employers provide a full-time job and compensation to their employees.

4. Customer Service Representative

With this job, you only need to possess a customer service skills such as good communication skills. You can be a customer service representative by answering phone calls or by sending emails to your customers.

So if you think that you have a good and friendly voice or someone who knows how to handle irate customers (email or phone), then you can definitely consider this job most especially if you are looking for a job with a competitive salary.

All in all, becoming a working student is very much possible. So try your luck now and find out how flexible online jobs can help you in all your daily expenses as a student.